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July 27, 2010

Improve your communication skills 7/28/2010

Our 7/28 meeting will focus on how you can better deliver the message of your innovation so that you can influence decision makers to accept your ideas. Quite often, the best idea doesn't get funded and a lessor idea make it to the market because of a slicker presentation or quicker explanation. Joining us will be veteran news reporter for ten years, Barron Johnson, to help you define your message. He was voted People’s Choice Reporter for Tampa Bay and has appeared on ABC World News Tonight and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Barron now is a Business Performance Consultant with Dale Carnegie Training Tampa Bay. He was awarded Consultant of the Year and Instructor of the Year for 2009. Dale Carnegie Training is the world leader in professional development and is well known for the principals of how to win friends and influence people. As our guest speaker, Barron is going to share with us some proven methods to gain willing cooperation from others, and to sell our ideas to people who can benefit from them. He asks that you bring your prototypes and innovations with you so that we can have a completely interactive meeting and so he can directly help you custom craft your message. Don't be late for this meeting because the early part of the presentation is vital to achieving focus. Only those on time will be eligible for door prizes!
See you there!

July 12, 2010

July 14th Meeting

Hello inventors,
I would like to invite you to meet one of the most humble people I have ever known who doesn't need to be humble at all. He was instrumental in the success of the Apollo / Soyuz mission, 35 years ago this coming Saturday, July 17th. It was an event that ignored the Cold War and led two world power adversaries to work together. iIt was the foundation of the space program that we have today with partners all around the world. Souren Soumbatov is now the president of Infosec, Inc and brings his vast experience to the Tampa Bay Inventors Council this Wednesday, July 14th for a round table discussion and to lend his perspective. He does not wish to lecture or tell stories, he would much rather chat and communicate with our creative group. Our meeting will be interactive so bring your questions, concerns and problems to the group for discussion. Don't miss your chance to meet an extraordinary person and share your story with him!