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May 15, 2013

Crowd Fund your invention at the next TBIC meeting

     One thing inventors need to develop their inventions is funding and other than borrowing it from someone who you know or maxing out a credit card, crowd funding may be your best option.  We have talked before about crowd funding but for the novice, it is a method of having lots of people who like your idea to contribute money to help you out.  It has been hugely successful and some projects have earned millions of dollars.  It has replaced angel investing as the best way for inventors to get started and best of all, it doesn’t require you to share equity in your idea, rather, folks contribute based on rewards you offer. 
      There are several elements required to be successful in crowd funding and that is why you should learn what to do before you get started.  That is why the Tampa Bay Inventors Council is pleased to welcome June Hollister to our meeting on May 22nd to share her expertise on crowd funding.  June teaches it as a course and has defined all you need to do to be successful.  Of course success depends on several things and the effort you put into it will be key.  Learn the difference between Crowd Funding and Crowd Sourcing and how both can be of great value at NO Cost to You. There is MORE to Crowd Funding than just money and you will learn how to use Crowd Funding as a FREE MARKETING TOOL! 
     There is so much more to learn on how to succeed with a crowd funding campaign and June will share her knowledge with our inventors on Wednesday, May 22nd.  Make sure that you bring paper because you will want to take notes on one of the most important topics to help advance your success as an inventor!
See you there!

May 04, 2013

Brainstorm with us this Wednesday, May 8th

Back by popular demand, the Tampa Bay Inventors Council will focus on the topic of brainstorming and collaborated conceptualizing this Wednesday, May 8th at our meeting from 7 to 9 pm.  We are pleased to welcome Dan Jenkins of The Grapple Hook Group back to our group to lead us again into the process of brainstorming on our inventions.  He has asked that each of us who has an innovation ready to share, to please bring it to the meeting and prepare to explore alternate ways to think about it.  If you are looking for an effective name or brand, if you want help identifying target markets, if you need ideas to launch a social media campaign or just want to share what you think for the sake of others, join us this Wednesday.  We will break into groups to help each of us develop concepts to advance out innovations.  This really works best when we have a large group so please make the effort to be at our next meeting.  I assure you that you will enjoy the time with us!  See you there!