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December 07, 2011

December Meeting 12/14/11

Greetings Inventors,
Just a friendly reminder that our only December Meeting is Wednesday the 14th. I know that it has been a while but due to a trick of the calendar, our December meeting is as late as it could get! On tap we will have a visitor from TBIC past... former president Randy Landerneau to share some thoughts with our inventors. TBIC present, Mark Stadnyk to discuss some important issues, and TBIC... Well you are just going to have to attend to find out! Could be Santa... or maybe Gus from WWTVP.
As a Christmas gift to any new members who join TBIC on Wednesday and pay $75... they get membership all next year free! In fact that applies to all members who enjoy the company of inventors, pay $75 this December and get all of next year free! A great way to move your tax deductions a year earlier and insure that survival of TBIC Future!
See you all next Wednesday!