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November 10, 2010

"The Art of the Deal": How to sell your ideas to investors and Big Business

Tonight, BOSS returns to TBIC! We have an exciting panel from the Business Outreach Speakers Series to discuss how you can effectively communicate your ideas to potential investors or directly to corporate buyers and get your product to the market. Andoni Lazardy has put together a team of professionals who will help you get the attention of others and compel them to buy into your ideas! This will be a can’t miss meeting and the only one for the next four weeks so make sure that you get here early! Joining us tonight:

Lothar Bergeest, With 35+ years of experience, educator, business trainer and customer service consultant, Lothar Bergeest excels in the entertainment, education, media, and customer service fields. He performs as a professional musician, college professor, radio station program director, interviewer, professional voice talent, podcaster, editor, and customer service trainer. His diverse resume makes him uniquely qualified to speak to our topic of "Selling Ideas To Investors And Corporate Managers."

Gary Boggess, Lecturer, composer and producer of original music for commercials & sound effects design and video services for: • Businesses. • Feature films. • TV and radio. He works with 20th Century Films, Columbia Pictures, Dick Sporting Goods, Discovery Channel, GM Today, Mary Kay, PBS, Pepsi, PPG, Steven Speilberg, Warner Brothers and others. He has been favorably reviewed by the Chicago Tribune, Los Angles Times and New York Times. He’s an advisor at St. Petersburg College, Art Institute in Miami and Tampa International Academy of Design & Technology.

Sheryl Nicholson, Speaker, author, and business coach, and an inventor herself, she understands it takes more than a great idea to get others to “buy into” your project. A sample list of her clients includes IBM, Hewlett Packard, Autozone, Honeywell, and Federal agencies such as the CIA,NRO, and CDC. She is published in Inc, Success, Entrepreneur, Health Access, Chicken Soup for the Soul books, YM, Parents, Floral Management and many more.

Andoni Lizardy, Consultant and author, Andoni Lizardy, is a business development, marketing and communications specialist. He works with individuals and businesses in the U.S., Asia and Europe. His better known clients include, Airbus, AT&T, Apple, GE, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Microsoft, Pittsburgh Steelers, United Technologies, USAir and 300 others. He also teaches for business outreach and other schools at Kent State, UC Santa Barbara, University of Pittsburgh, Wharton, etc. Andoni will moderate the panel to insure that you have an opportunity to hear from each of these professionals as they discuss:

  1. Several ways to make your offer valuable to others.
  2. Common mistakes to avoid when selling your ideas to others.
  3. Using language that attracts the right kind of investor to your project.
  4. How to find investors and businesses who want to work with you.
  5. Who is most likely to buy your idea, invention and/or solution.
  6. What is salable in a turbulent economy.
  7. What motivates others to buy and how to tap into those motivations.

If you are serious about becoming successful with your invention, please don’t miss this meeting! I can assure you that you will have fun and learn something important to contribute to your success as an inventor!