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June 20, 2009

TBIC Meeting 6/24/09

Interested in developing your technology or business? Learn more as STAR Technology Enterprise Center (STAR TEC), visits the Tampa Bay Inventors Council on Wednesday, June 24th at 7pm. Jennifer Olsen will discuss their mission to “accelerate entrepreneurial success” through:

. Mentors and advisors

· Market research and idea validation

· Technology commercialization resources

· Specialized education courses

· Collaborative environment

· Affordable space, shared services and support infrastructure

· Links to no-cost community resources, sources of capital and valuable networking opportunities

June 09, 2009

Bruce is Back...

Greetings inventors,
This Wednesday, 6/10/09, our old friend Bruce Elliott is back in town and he will relate what he has discovered about doing business in China and where he sees the best opportunities for manufacturing in the future. Many of you know that Bruce has spent quite a bit of the past few years abroad. He has been having things built and designed in China and has quite a bit to say about the topic. Wednesday, learn from his experiences and you just might walk a shorter path to your goal of getting a product on the market. Bruce will also share some of what he has learned about social media and why you need to leverage it to your advantage. Join us this Week at the Tampa Bay Inventors Council!