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October 27, 2005

Attention Star / Inventors:

Bouncing Brain Productions, in conjunction with WEDU, will be conducting a casting call on Saturday, November 5th for Everyday Edisons™, a reality TV show that chronicles inventors and the product development process. Unlike most TV reality shows, this show does not let America vote and send the losers away. Casting calls have already been held in Atlanta, Nashville, Columbia, and Charlotte. Tampa will be the final audition for Season 1, and the only visit to the state of Florida. Upon the conclusion of this casting call, 12 inventors will be chosen, and all of them will see their products developed on TV.

I know that your members would really benefit from this opportunity to present their ideas. I have attached more information on the show. I would appreciate it if you would pass on this information to your membership and encourage them to come out. I also wanted to see if you would like to play any role in the upcoming casting call on Saturday, November 5th in Tampa. We have worked with Inventor Organizations in Charlotte and Atlanta and allowed them to distribute literature. As a result, these groups added a bunch of new members to their organizations. If you would like to have any literature at the event...you are more than welcome.

The official audition for ideas or inventions is November 5th at WEDU Studios, 1300 North Boulevard, Tampa, FL . Registration will be open from 7 AM until 1 PM. Registration forms will be available at the event or online http://www.everydayedisons.com/. If you have the next big idea, you could be one of the select few innovators chosen for the show. So log on to http://www.everydayedisons.com/ for details and bring your innovative idea to Tampa on November 5th …and maybe you'll be the next to reinvent history.

Feel free to give me a call at 704-369-7333 if you have any additional questions.

October 24, 2005

Speakers Scheduled Oct./ Nov.

Attention TBIC members,
Please join us on Wednesday, October 26th as we welcome Ed Ansell and John Hackett of Professional Business Solutions, LLC as our guest speaker. John will give a presentation on the Value of Intellectual Properties and will discuss various essential elements of effective businesses. Topics may include Business plans, marketing, financial management, and other business basics as time will allow. He will help you understand the value of your patent and discuss how you can cash-in by selling it. If you have any interest in dealing with the business world, I urge you to attend our next TBIC meeting.

Also make plans to join us for our only meeting in November on the 9th when our speaker will be Tonya Clark of Star Tec Technology Enterprise Center at the Young-Rainey STAR Center. Star Tec is charged with bringing promising start-up companies into the Pinellas County STAR Center incubator program, and accelerating their growth and development. If you haven't heard of the STAR Center or you just want to know more about the vast array of resources available in our area, you can't miss coming to this event. Again, this is part of our regular Wednesday night meeting and available to all TBIC members.

So mark your calendars and remember there are only three more meetings left in this year. Don't miss a single one!

See you Wednesday!