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June 18, 2011

Meeting June 22, 2011

Hello Inventors, I have returned this week from an exciting visit to E3 and will share some of what we are planing at our next meeting on June 22nd. Our special guest speaker will be Darla Phillips and she will help you understand some more of the basics about getting your product developed, licensed, and on the market! Darla has been very successful with her luggage spotter tags and wants to help other inventors by sharing her experience. Darla is always a treat as she breaks it down into simple terms that are easy to understand and has been a favorite speaker for our group. If you have not heard her speak, don't miss this meeting! You will be truly inspired! Need your Product or Invention Manufactured, Licensed, or sold in Retail? Darla's "LOOK! Marketing" is currently looking for Mass Market Retail Ready Products (patented or patent pending)! For $99, our team will evaluate your product for potential licensing and/or big box distribution! If we consider your product mass market, we will discuss licensing options with you. The evaluation will also include several areas of distribution and overseas manufacturing opportunities! You will be able to network with Darla and arrange your evaluation after the meeting so don't miss your chance to connect! This will be a fun one folks so don't miss it! See you Wednesday, June 22 at the Meeting! For more information visit www.tbic.us