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April 09, 2013

We mean Business this week at TBIC!

Every idea that is worth pursuing will meet with challenges and if you are ready to push your innovation forward, it makes sense to understand some business principals.  As much as you may wish to be the idea guy(or gal), you will need to sell other people on your ideas.  If you are building a product or licensing your intellectual property, you need to have the right business structure and this week we are joined by Dino Eliadis to talk about creating the foundation for your business.  Should you form an S-Corp or LLC? Corporation or partnership?  What should be your focus and how can you stay in compliance with the law?  Dino will share his experience in marketing, sales, and production to help you put strategy into action and create self-sustainability in your company.  Dino has a passion for motivating toward corporate goals and helping others achieve their personal and professional objectives.  Next, Andoni Lizardy will offer a preview of his advisory group on Thursday night that he invited us to attend at Panera Bread, Feather Sound on Ulmerton.  In other words, this week at the Inventors Council, we mean business!  Be there 4/10/13 from 7-9 pm!