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July 26, 2016

TBIC inventors meeting 7/27/2016 Learn more!

  Hello inventors, do you need help getting your product onto the market?  Are you interested in licensing your invention to manufacturers and retailers?  Than join us Wednesday on 7/27/2016 in Tampa for our TBIC inventors meeting from 7-8:45 pm.  Our special guest speaker will be Lu Anne Puett. She has owned a product research and development company, started her own marketing consulting company to help other inventors in 1995, and has worked with clients taking idea to retailer big-wigs like Target, Walmart, QVC, HSN, Lowes, Winn Dixie , 7-Eleven, Zappos, Bed and Bath, and many more.

She has licensed products from automotive to health and beauty, and scored a $27 million dollar pantyhose licensing deal with a $4.1 million down payment. Working with companies manufacturing products both domestically and abroad, Lu Anne knows what it means to efficiently prove concept and tee up full scale production.  Her gift is her ability to evaluate a product while reducing risk. This allows an inventor or company to take a product from concept to retail for minimum investment. But her greatest passion is helping inventors and entrepreneurs. She currently is a mentor at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, speaks regularly, and has authored the book The Art of Dreaming Big.

Mark your calendar and make sure that you don’t miss this special opportunity to get a leg up and move your invention into sales!  We meet in the Hive on the 3rd floor of the John F Germany Library at 900 North Ashley in Tampa.  Don’t miss this meeting!!!
Check out Lu Anne's website at  Www.nationalinnovationassociation.org and learn more about coming opportunities!