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May 08, 2006


May 10th ••• Tina Campbell will provide us with her marketing expertise to help our inventors learn new ways to market their products and compete in the marketplace.

May 24th ••• Mark Kemper of Engineering & Mfg Services, Inc. will demonstrate rapid prototyping using Z Corp. equipment. If you have plans for building a prototype and have accurate engineering drawings, Mark may be able to help you out. His equipment will produce a three-dimension plastic model that can give you a hands-on feel to determine how best to build your products.

June 14th ••• Our own Mario Lombardo will give us an education on open-source computing using free software and the Linux operating system.

June 28th ••• TBIC is proud to introduce Brent Britton, a professional patent attorney here in Tampa Bay. Brent specializes in working with technology and enjoys helping inventors take the first steps to profitability.

I hope that everyone takes advantage of the knowledge that we disseminate in our meetings. I hope to see you all there!