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July 18, 2013

Tampa Bay Inventors Council meeting July 24th

Greetings inventors,
Next Wednesday on July 24th TBIC is pleased to welcome Patrick O`Mara to talk about local manufacturing in the Tampa Bay area.  Once you have your product designed or when you are still working on your prototype, it is a good idea to get expert advice on how it can be made.  Pat is a Tool and Die journeyman who started Centerline Tooling in Michigan in 1997.  He later purchased a larger shop, Lansing Tool and Engineering, and US Tool and Production LLC, and sold it in 2010.  He also worked at US Tool and Engineering LLC before moving to Clearwater and joined the team at Seaboard Manufacturing.  He will share his perspective on manufacturing in the USA and some of the opportunities presented by outsourcing production off shore.  This will be a good opportunity to learn about prototyping, design engineering and fabrication conducted in the area.
Next we will be joined by Jack Frieder of Grafix printing.  Grafix Produces Quality Custom screen and pad printing, specializing in affordable short production runs ideal for prototyping and early stage manufacturing.  If you need printing on metal or plastic or package graphics, overlays, decals, labels or promotional materials, it’s good to have another local resource to help make it happen.  Jack will share his experience building designs for packaging and printing on a variety of materials and how he works with the little guy to help out.
This will be a good opportunity to learn about local resources that can help you advance your concepts and designs so be sure to join us on Wednesday, July 24th at the next TBIC meeting.

See you there!