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December 06, 2013

TBIC welcomes EVO Prototyping on December 11th

One of the things most inventors need is a prototype so that they can understand how to design the fit, feel and function of their invention.  Early stage prototypes might be built from clay & cardboard but to get closer to a finished look, rapid prototyping could be the way to go.  This Wednesday, December 11th, the Tampa Bay Inventors Council will welcome Evo Prototyping to share the latest on rapid prototyping and computer aided design.  Join us for the last Inventors meeting of the year and learn about all of the things that make and invention successful!  Visit http://www.evoprototyping.com/ to learn more about the company and be sure to join us on 12/11/13 from 7-9 pm.  Happy Holidays, I hope to see you all there!