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April 25, 2016

TBIC meeting 4/27/16 in Tampa. How to pitch

Greetings Inventors and Product developers!  This week at the Tampa Bay Inventors Council we welcome back our friend Brent Britton, IP Attorney and community activist for Tampa Bay.  Brent has shared some colorful and exciting concepts with us in the past about the universe and beyond but this week he will bring us down to earth with an important concept for inventors.  On Wednesday, April 27th Brent will share “Life's a Pitch - how to pitch investors (and co-founders).”  How should you approach people to invest in your dream and what is it that they want to hear?  If you don’t know what to say and how to say it, you are just wasting their time and yours.  If you want to build a team to advance your invention or product, how should you structure it?  If you want to make a sale of your idea or product, what should be your approach?  All this and more will be a part of the conversation we have this Wednesday at the next TBIC meeting at the Hive in Tampa from 7 – 8:45pm.  Brent will also field any other IP questions you may have so write them down and make sure you attend the next Tampa Bay Inventors Meeting!
See you there,