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April 22, 2014

Assess your Entrepreneur DNA this week at TBIC

One of the most difficult things about being an inventor is turning your idea into a business.  We have heard from many sources that you must have a team to succeed and get funding.  Unless you are the perfect mix of creative and business brains, you will have trouble covering all the bases without some help.  But how do you figure out what is missing?  How can you asses your strengths and weaknesses and more importantly,  how do you find the right teammates?  This will be the focus of our inventors meeting this Wednesday night as we explore the Entrepreneur DNA.  Are you a Builder, Opportunist, Specialist or Innovator?   Your brand of DNA is driving you (and your team) and may be used to unlock tremendous insight for you. You will hear how each DNA has inherent strengths, weaknesses and where they can best serve to help you succeed. 
We are joined by Stephen Supe of BOSI Global for an in depth look at how you may find the pieces that are missing from your team, assess your abilities and analyze your weaknesses.  Stephen is the Managing Partner for BOSI Global Southeast, LLC, and has owned five successful companies as well as seen a couple of business ideas fail.  One company grew from two counties to coverage that extended from Orlando to Naples.  After four years, the company was acquired, at which time there was 150 people in the organization with a multi-state footprint.  Stephen joined with BOSI Global in 2013 to share his experience and help others learn what they may need to build a team.  BOSI is a framework that segments individuals based on their "entrepreneurial DNA". We believe there's an entrepreneur inside everyone.  You can learn who is the best partner or con-founder for your company based upon your DNA. 
Join us this Wednesday, April 23rd at 7pm and learn what you have been missing! 
Oh, and before you come, check out the short assessment of your DNA at 
http://bosi.in/ZNwwO   See you there!

April 08, 2014

TBIC this week, Wednesday April 9th 2014

     Why do you want to invent things?  Are you doing it for the fun of it or to make money?  Do you just want to pass on an idea or turn it into a business?  These are things you need to consider but if the answer is to make money, than be sure to attend the Tampa Bay Inventors Council meeting this Wednesday!  
     We are pleased to have a serial entrepreneur with three successful technology startups to his credit join us to help you understand the path ahead.  JJ Roberts recently joined the staff at the Tampa Bay Innovation Center  and brings a breath of experience. Each of his startups utilized proprietary and some are still in use at leading companies of the world including Procter & Gamble, Kimberly Clark, First Quality Products, and 3M.  JJ received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Georgia Tech and a Master of Science Degree in Decision Science from Georgia State University.  He is certified as a Professional Business Coach and has served on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Tech Business Network.  JJ began mentoring at Georgia Tech and directly assisted over 20 young startup companies and worked with numerous additional entrepreneurs and their technologies at the earliest stage of conception. 
     He instructs on how to pitch for investors and will share what they want to and don’t want to hear.  If you are remotely planning to make a go at building your invention into a business, this is a must attend event!  Bring your questions and learn all you can this week, April 9th at the Tampa Bay Inventors Council!