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March 20, 2006

Spring into session

With the first of spring comes the reminder...but the tax man is in far behind. For those of you who have made your invention into a business, this is a good time to take into account where you've been and where you're going. Producing a product and selling it is often the best path of success for an inventor. Where you produce your product has become more cost-efficient in many cases by outsourcing. Please join me this Wednesday, March 22 in a welcoming Ron Dick of Access International as our guest speaker to learn the advantages and pitfalls of outsourcing your product to Asia. Ron and his partner have been helping USA inventors establish relations with Asian manufacturers for several years. He is agreed to share with us his expert experience and help teach us what we should expect when getting your product manufactured in Asia.
Visit Ron's web site www.asiasourcenow.com and prepare your questions for what should prove to be a very lively debate during our first spring session.
See you Wednesday night!

ICTT's new liquid asset...

In a case of persistence finally paying off...ICTT and has recently signed a contract to provide its "Coral Water" for mass consumption. Not to say that ICTT's ship has come in yet but, very soon quite a lot of water will! Because of their good fortune, the space we currently occupy will unfortunately be needed for day-to-day operations and holding some very large water tanks.
The good news is that we will simply move to the opposite side of the wall without affecting operations and have all the conveniences that we've been used to having. It was suggested in recent board meeting that the club needed a bit of an update and clean-up, so now we have a perfect opportunity to dress up our location!
We would like to invite our members to make suggestions and get involved with TBIC's growth and development. We will need to revise our display area and will soon accept requests from members who wish to display their products in the TBIC facility. Those that pitch in will get first bid on getting a space so put on your thinking cap and your work gloves so we can all help each other out. Inventors helping inventors!