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February 21, 2016

TBIC focus on Marketing this week in Tampa

This week at the Tampa Bay Inventor’s Council we are turning our focus on the marketing side of promoting your inventions.  Everyone who has an invention that they think is great has to get the word out to all of the potential customers if they want to sell it.  Whither you want to license your invention or sell a product, you need to be able to tell your potential customer why it is vital for them to pay attention.  Getting your marketing right can be a difficult process so this Wednesday we will explore some examples of effective marketing with Dan Jenkins from Grapple Hook Marketing.  Dan will explore why some ideas succeed and why others fail and give some insight learned from studying a master of marketing, Steve Jobs.  Join us this Wednesday in the Hyve at the John F. Germany library in Tampa from 7-8:45 pm and brush up on your marketing skills so that you can promote your creations effectively!