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February 17, 2011

Inventors Council Meeting 2/23/2011

What have you invented? What do you need to know about inventing? Do you have a question about your invention or want to get feedback about it? Come to the next Tampa Bay Inventors Council meeting on Wednesday 2/23/2011 from 7 – 9 pm and join in on the “Show-and-Tell” session that we have planned. Every once in a while we like to take break and hold an open meeting to give people a chance to learn from each other. These meetings are usually lots of fun and give us a chance to get to know a bit more about what others are doing to get their ideas sold. So get out your prototypes, drawings, gizmos and war stories and bring them to our next meeting. Share them with the group and help others as you help yourself. Join us this Wednesday and grow the community of inventors right here in Tampa Bay!

February 06, 2011

...the Path to Success, next meeting 2/9/2011

This week, veteran product management and marketing executive Ken Evans comes to TBIC to share his experience working with both startup and Fortune 50 companies. Ken has held marketing, product and business development positions at Compaq Computer, NYNEX (now Verizon) and several technology start-ups. Ken is a recognized advocate for emerging tech companies in the Central Florida area. His activities include:
• Advisor and committee member, STAR Tec Business Accelerator
• Regional coordinator, Kauffman Foundation’s Global Entrepreneur Week
• Co-founder, IdeaField Coworking (in Ybor City)
• Chief Marketing Officer for Tampa-based eBridge Solutions
• Blogger @ StartupMonkey.com

Ken is equally at home in emerging technical markets as well as the re-engineering, rebuilding and the relaunching of established products and services that need a refreshed strategy. He has a knack for distilling product strategy and positioning into actionable plans and meaningful guidance essential to inventors pondering their innovation.
At our meeting, he will focus on assessing product readiness and the difference between a great idea and a viable path to market. Come and learn if your idea has what it takes to make it on the market by applying practical principals necessary for success. I know first hand that Ken can teach you to view your product strategy from perspectives that you are missing! He is great at telling you what you might not want to hear but what you need to hear! No candy coating, just the honest truth. If you think you can handle the truth, make sure and attend this meeting. You will want to take notes!
Join us this Wednesday, February 9th for a very informative, eye opening session that will help you think about the correct steps you need to take to succeed! I'll see you Wednesday!