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May 26, 2014

TBIC meeting this week, Wednesday May 28th learn to make the sale!

Hello Inventors,
Success for an inventor means more than just getting a patent.  At some point you need to make a sale and hopefully make many sales.  Whether you are talking to a potential customer or if you are negotiating a licensing agreement, you need to know how to speak without scaring your prospect away.  Few inventors go into this practice with the thought of becoming a salesman but the fact remains that you are the number one advocate for your invention so you better learn the skills you need to sell it.  This week the Tampa Bay Inventors Council welcomes Mike Lewis to share his advice and teach you the art of Sales Communication. 
Mike was President of Selling4Results, based in Tampa, Florida and has special expertise in teaching selling techniques and sales communication skills. He presents a comprehensive Seminar entitled “How to Really Start a Business” and works with companies and individuals that want to start a business, gain market share and sales representatives who want to earn more money. His Flagship presentation and book, “The Sales Bridge” The Art of Sales Communication are ideal on addressing how to interact and communicate with more customers and sell more products and services.  Mike has been on his own virtually his entire career, owned several businesses, trained hundreds of sales representatives and manger’s consults on common sense selling and business strategies for achieving success.  We are lucky to have him join us this Wednesday so don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a pro. 
In addition, our own Jack Colgan will talk to us about what you can expect from a manufacturer Representative and share what most manufacturers want to know in order to build your product as well as the opportunity to work with various manufacturers in FL.  Join us this Wednesday, May 28th and learn the skills you need to succeed!

See you there!
Wayne Rasanen