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July 20, 2011

Wednesday, July 27th TBIC hosts a legend in the inventing community!

Ron Klein is the grandfather of possibilities...
...and has earned that title for the earth changing innovations that he has introduced! Early in Ron's career he invented the Magnetic Strip on the Credit Card and the Credit Card Validity Checking System. Ron also developed the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for Real Estate and Voice Response for Banking. If that wasn't enough, his company offered the NYSE technical expertise in hardware and software development to support Financial Trading. Ron developed a system to provide up to the minute BOND Quotation and Trade information for the members of the New York Stock Exchange and other Financial Institutions.

He is responsible for technology that you may use everyday and he wants to inspire you to achieve your own success! Ron will also bring some of his books, "The Grandfather of Possibilities" for those who might want to learn from a master.

Ron was the host of "THE GRANDFATHER OF POSSIBILITIES SHOW" on Internet Radio. Some of his celebrity guests included: Betty White, Willie Jolley, and Nathan Osmond, of the Osmond family. Entrepreneurial guests Eric Dezenhall, Rick Frishman, Harris Rosen and many others. Ron promotes a positive "can-do" attitude, "you can turn every negative into a positive and find a gift behind every challenge."

Ron bicycles 30 miles a day and has earned gold medals in Triathlons and the State Senior Olympics.

Now you can meet this energetic inventor at our next TBIC meeting on Wednesday, July 27th. Join us from 7-9 pm at 7887 Bryan Dairy Rd in Largo, Suite 220 (right up the green staircase). See what you can achieve with your inventions when you learn a few tips from Ron! (come early if you want a chair!)

See you there!

Wayne Rasanen

July 10, 2011

Patent Reform Legislation at TBIC on 7/13/2011

The Senate and House have both passed their own version of the "America Invents Act." This Wednesday we'll discuss the similarities and differences between the two Acts and how the most significant changes will affect the individual inventor for years to come. Join us this Wednesday from 7 – 9 pm to learn about how the U.S. Patent Law is being harmonized with the rest of the world and what it means for your current patents and any that you may be planning to file. To help us sort it all out we are pleased to have Kim A. Jacklin, a registered U.S. Patent Attorney (JD, BSEE). Ms. Jacklin managed the patent department of a billion dollar company with a worldwide presence. In that role, she lead the development of a large international patent portfolio, oversaw all corporate patent litigation, drafted and negotiated patent and technology licenses and evaluated patent assets for merger and acquisition activities. She has extensive experience drafting and prosecuting patents before the United States Patent and Trademark office, including patents directed to technologies in the areas of computers and communications technologies. In the 1990s, Ms. Jacklin co-founded Jacklin Research, Inc. providing technical literature search and consulting services to patent attorneys. She credits her experience as a business owner with giving her a greater appreciation of the challenges facing start-ups and other new businesses. Join us with all of your questions on intellectual property this Wednesday and learn what strategies you may need to consider in the future. See you there!