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April 17, 2008

Meet the Pathfinder at our 4/23/08 meeting

Our special guest this coming meeting is James L. Cairns, author of The Inventor's Pathfinder. According to Amazon, "Most inventors' self-help books overlook the crucial steps of creating and maturing inventions. The Inventor's Pathfinder fills this void, carefully examining each step leading from the moment of inspiration to product release.
Drawing on forty years of practical experience, author James L. Cairns clearly reveals all the basic strategies of successful inventing. He teaches you how to get ideas, gauge their potential, establish their ownership, and profit from them. Cairns also shows how to avoid the devastating mistakes commonly made by independent inventors."

He's a lifelong inventor, devoting full time to it in the late 1970s. His most important inventions have been inspired by his early career as a sea-going oceanographer and scientific diver.

Most of Cairns' inventions have been components for connecting electrical and fiber-optical communication systems underwater. He has introduced nearly all of the successful technology in that relatively new field. His products have greatly increased the flexibility of subsea-system architecture, allowing components of complex networks to be added or removed at the sea floor. One of the results has been a remarkable expansion of the global area available for offshore oil and gas production, something that has indirectly benefited us all.

Many of today's major offshore programs in oceanographic research, homeland security, and subsea communications would not be possible without the technology that Jim pioneered.

Join us at 7pm and meet Jim. I asked him to bring a few books with him so if you want one, don't be late!

See you all there,