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January 21, 2011

Jan 26 meeting will be Awesome!

TBIC inventors are in for a treat this coming Wednesday, January 26th! The World of Inventors, Investors & Business Opportunities will tell us about the up-coming event on April 9 & 10 and their plans to make Tampa the next home of an Annual National Inventors Show!
Next we will hear from the always riveting, and thought provoking, Brent Britton! Recently 83 Degrees magazine described Brent as "arguably the most sought after one-man think tank for entrepreneurs across Central Florida!" Alongside his position as chair of the Emerging Business and Technology practice group at Gray Robinson in Tampa, Brent participates in several of his own entrepreneurial enterprises.
Brent Britton has been advising large and small companies for more than 20 years and in his forthcoming (with Kurt Forster) book, "Ideas2Money - Ten Steps to Entrepreneurial Success" answers the question, "I've got a great idea for a startup. What do I do next? He will also help you "Tap Your Inner Wizard" with a motivational, inspirational talk meant to help people realize their own miraculous potential to accomplish great things!
If you come to only one meeting this year, this is the one you don't want to miss!!! Last meeting almost all of the chairs were taken so make sure you get there by 7pm, early enough to get a seat! Although you will only need on half on a seat because Brent will keep you on the edge of it!
Join the other inventors and welcome our guests this Wednesday from 7 - 9 pm!

January 11, 2011

Start the year right! Attend our 1st meeting of 2011!

This Wednesday, January 12th, we kick off 2011 by helping you get your invention off to a great start. We begin with an amazing guest speaker, Kelley Rexroad as she presents "Inventing Success in 2011" Learn some practical tips on getting your invention house in order including how to deal with procrastination. Learn to change those habits that limit your success and keep you from moving forward. It is sure to be a fun, dynamic springboard into the 2011 and create the successful environment we want to invent for ourselves. Stop thinking of your innovation as just a hobby and get down to business!
Kelley lived in the corporate world where she spent 25 years traveling to 30 countries for Fortune 20 companies leading their Global HR and corporate communications area. Her formal education started at Mary Baldwin College, and her graduate work was at American University and Thunderbird University. She now helps business owners to grow profitably and avoid issues that are bureaucratic or scary. Her writings, speeches, professional and community work have found her recognized with numerous awards. She is consulted by many organizations as a source for "front porch common sense" including our own StarTec, Fox Business News, ABC News, CBSNews, UT, USF, The Ladders.com, Monster.com, and Self Growth.com.
Please make sure that you attend this thought provoking meeting and also learn about all the opportunities we have lined up for our inventors! I just returned from the Consumer Electronic Show and I can assure you that innovation is the key to success. Make sure that you hold that key so that you can unlock a bright future for yourself and those around you!
See you Wednesday!