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February 10, 2014

A simple idea makes millions this week at TBIC

A simple idea is often best. An idea that inspires others to say, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ can make millions of dollars. 
This week at the Tampa Bay Inventors Council, find out how an aerospace employee saw a simple idea and turned a $500 investment into millions of dollars.  It was not an advanced feature for his industry but rather a simple down to earth way to attach his employee badge that he and millions of other people wear every day.  TBIC is pleased to welcome Gary Bronga to visit with us and share his story.  Gary is the author of the book “Bringing a Product to Market from Your Home: With $500 and an Idea You can Make Millions.”   and he joins us this Wednesday February 12th to tell you about the lessons that he has learned in his invention journey. 

Gary started with only his computer and only $500.00.  He recieved enough rejection letters to wallpaper his home office but now most of the people and companies that rejected him , are now his customers. To date, Gary has sold more than three million CLIPEZE badge holders, distributed through the web, retail stores and catalogs around the world.  Bronga didn’t have thousands to invest on his idea; he was working on nothing more than just a shoestring budget. He started developing his product in the smallest bedroom of his home, then moved to a larger room and eventually found his way into a 3,000 square foot commercial office space.  Gary overcame rejection, acknowledged and learned from his mistakes, and never once allowed himself to become defeated. He is motivating, is an innovative problem-solver, and wants others to know that anything and everything is achievable, even when you have very little money to begin with.  These are important lessons for every inventor to hear so we are happy to have Gary speak at our Wednesday night meeting.  Join us from 7-9 this Wednesday at 7887 Brian Dairy Rd, in Largo and help the inventor inside you grow!