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November 14, 2005

Make Plans For December 14th Meeting

Be sure to join us for the last meeting of 2005 on December 14th when we plan to have a “double-dose” of speakers.

First up, Tina Brudnicki of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers will give us the 411 on Who's Who in Tampa Bay and how local inventors can tap into their network to find the services we need to move our projects forward.

Next, meet Bob Solomon. Bob has been inventing for several years and has remarkable insight developed from his experience -- some of it good, some of it not so good. You can always learn things the hard way or you can learn from someone who has been there and done that. Bob has been speaking all around the country and now brings his humor, passion and flare to TBIC.

Lets end this year with a bang! Join us on December 14th for the merriest meeting yet.

November 06, 2005

TBIC Fall Schedule

Please remember that TBIC will only hold meetings on the 2nd Wednesday during the months of November and December. The 4th Wednesday is too close to the seasons holidays so we hope you will enjoy those times with friends and family.
On November 9th, please welcome Toyna Clark, Executive Director of Star Tec, Technology Enterprise Center form the Young/Rainy Star Center in Pinellas County. Many of you have driven past the Star Center but how many of you know much about it or how they help accelerate the development of small business? They and entering a new growth phase and this is an excellent time to hear about the coming opportunities there. Make sure you don't miss this second to the last opportunity this year to network with Tampa Bay area inventors. The meeting starts at 7pm, hope to see you then!

Inventors on TV

Greetings to all inventors!
The Tampa Bay Inventors Council was pleased to be on hand at WEDU this weekend during the casting call for Bouncing Brain's production of "Everyday Edisons". This was an opportunity for anyone with an idea for "a better mousetrap" to hopefully put it on the fast track to the marketplace. TBIC was happy to help get the word out about this show and very pleased to be on hand at the casting to help inventors learn more about the process and invite them to join with other inventors in Tampa Bay. We hope that Bouncing Brain got more than they expected when they came to Tampa and asked if there is any innovation to be seen here!