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September 22, 2011

New Media experience at TBIC on 9/28/11

On September 28th, we will attempt to do something different and by utilizing high tech, we will have our first Skype conference with a product design company from out of state! Chris Hawker and Abraham Alexander of Trident Design Company in Ohio will share their experience of designing and selling innovative products.

Trident Design, LLC is an invention incubator with expertise in product design, branding, licensing and consulting. They work with independent inventors and innovative manufacturers to help create products, from cooking gadgets to medical equipment. Their products reflect striking design, functional excellence, and breakthrough technology to make a difference in the marketplace. An example of their approach is the award-winning PowerSquid, an update to the power strip and featured in countless media stories (New York Times, Popular Mechanics, the Today Show and more) and sold virtually everywhere.

Trident not only develops products for others, but they are also inventors too. They have licensed numerous products for others to manufacture as well as manufactured some products themselves (including setting up manufacturing in China). They sit on both sides of the table, and can relate to both the independent inventor as well as corporate clients.

This Wednesday, September 28th, utilizing Skype video, we will walk through three invention case studies. Each of the inventions took a very unique path to success and profitability and they illustrate the various methods with which an inventor can attempt to monetize their inventions. They will also explain a systematic process that they use when working on their own inventions, products for corporate clients and for independent inventors. Throughout the presentation will be general advice, tips and potential pitfalls to avoid. We will follow up with some Q & A for our inventors to get some feedback regarding their own situations.

This is sure to be an interesting and memorable meeting with the potential to help set the course for your own successful invention! Be sure to get there early so that you can take part in this new media experience! See you there!


September 08, 2011

Double Shot next Wednesday, September 14th TBIC Meeting

For our next inventors council meeting we have lined up a double shot!

First, we will have a presentation from Chapman Mold (http://www.chapman-mold.com) discussing the injection molding process. Once you have concluded your ideal prototype, the next step is to prepare your “market-ready” product and Chapman Mold is accommodating to inventors and limited runs of production. Jason Robinson is the VP Tooling & Engineering at Chapman Mold and will join us to talk about Proper CAD design, Tooling and part costs, Cavitations (low volume, prototype vs. high volume steel multi-cavity) and the importance of doing your homework. Also, Plastic types & what is really required, & Prototype (cast parts) vs. tooling costs.

Next, we will talk about what you need to get your product sold…

Melinda Dixon of Merlin AI Soft (http://www.merlinaisoft.com) will educate us on using the internet to launch and sell your products and/or services. She will discuss Mobile Application Development and its potential to compliment your innovation. She will also discuss Website Development & how the way it looks & behaves can affect your sales. How to make your site user friendly and load quickly, what should not appear on your site along with key elements that your site should include. She will touch on Search Engine Optimization and why you need it to get your website to the top of a Google search. Merlin AL Soft also provides Software Development and she We’ll explain how software can help your business grow & function smoothly. Merlin A.I. Soft also works with inventors on a per project/as needed basis to help you get started with your marketing and selling.

This will be a fun, fact-filled evening and I’m sure most inventors will find it rewarding. Learn what options are open to you to build and sell your invention this Wednesday, September 14th from 7 to 9pm. For our location information, visit www.tbic.us.
See you Wednesday!