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February 04, 2013

Inventing has changed in the USA, some things for the worst but also some for the better.  Inventing 2.0 has arrived and you need to know the ropes if you want to take advantage of the new tools available to you.   3D printing, social marketing, and crowdfunding are a few of the changes that are producing unrivaled opportunity for innovators and entrepreneurs.  
Successful inventor and entrepreneur Michael Collins, CEO of crowdfunding consultant Big Idea Group (www.bigideagroup.net) will be joining us via Skype on Wednesday, February 13th to share his vision on what it all means.  Michael began his career in venture capital but soon found his calling as a serial entrepreneur. He has launched multiple businesses, including Big Idea Group, hedge fund Disruptive Capital Performance, specialty retailer Kid Galaxy, home improvement manufacturer Rebound Driveway Marker, video production company IQ Communications, webcam accessory retailer Best Face Forward, and others. He has also personally invented several successful products in fields as diverse as hardware, home goods, and toys.  He the author of “The Million-Dollar Idea in Everyone, a guide for aspiring entrepreneurs.”  In addition, Mr. Collins explores innovation and crowdfunding topics on the BIG Idea Podcast. 
Join us on Wednesday, February 13th from 7-9 pm to learn what you need to know about the changing landscape in the world of inventing.  www.tbic.us

See you there!