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October 10, 2012

Inventors Meeting 10/10/12

TBIC welcomes two of the most constructive individuals for helping start-ups in the Tampa Bay Area.  Come to the meeting, Wednesday October 10th and welcome John Marrow and Daniel Scott to TBIC.  Both are founding members of Gazelle Lab  and co-authors of Tampa’s 6/20 plan, an effort by 6 Entrepreneurs toward a 20 year plan to build a thriving Tampa Bay entrepreneurial ecosystem.  John is the Entrepreneur-in-Residence, SEI Alliance College of Business University of South Florida St. Petersburg.  He is also a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold several of his own businesses and is just an all around good guy.   Daniel is trustee of Awesome St. Petersburg, an independent self-funded community dedicated to furthering the Awesomeness of St. Petersburg by giving out $1,000 grants for things that are “awesome”. These micro-grants are provided quarterly with no strings attached and no claims to ownership over the projects it supports.  He is a curator for Startup Digest and I think you will also find him to be pretty awesome too.  

Both of these gentlemen are going to share with you their vision and experience in taking a start-up to market, especially right here in Tampa Bay!  As the seed innovators, inventors are vital to bringing the vision for a brighter Tampa Bay to life.  When we all work together and get to know each other, good things can happen.  Make sure you don’t miss getting to know some of the most influential start-up champions in Tampa Bay, Join us 10/10/12 from 7-9 pm at the Tampa Bay Inventors Council!  www.tbic.us