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April 08, 2012

Brainstorming with Inventors this Wednesday

Q) What the easiest and most effective way to communicate a new or revised brand message about your invention?

A) An effective tagline.

A tagline compresses the meaning of a product benefit, organizational vision, competitive position, brand promise, or experience into a cogent story. It’s the distilled essence of your brand message – conceived strategically, expressed artfully, and delivered persuasively.
Great stuff if you can get it! How do you come up with a winning tagline for your invention?
You can:
1) Pay thousands of dollars to some marketing firm that will throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks.
2) Do a focus group with a few friend and some ideas of your own and see if anyone likes them.
3) You could spend an evening with a few inventors and an instructor and go through a brainstorming session to see if you might get some creative advice!

If you picked 3 you are in luck because that is what we will be doing at the next Tampa Bay Inventors Council meeting on April 11th from 7 – 9 pm! Dan Jenkins returns to share a course that he teaches on brainstorming and on Wednesday we will pick two inventions to focus on. After some coaching, we will break into two different groups to see what kinds of taglines we can come up with. If you would like to have your invention analyzed and be the focus of the brainstorming, you must bring it with you and you must be a member. Join us this Wednesday night and be ready to have an interactive meeting that will open your eyes and open your mind for an evening of conceptualizing with inventors!
See you Wednesday!