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July 04, 2009

Life in 3D - next meeting

Inventors need to be able to express their ideas to others in order to explain why they are needed and how they solve a problem. To get the point across quickly, a picture can say a thousand words. This week we will have two guests talk and show you how they are expressing their ideas with pictures in 3D. Mal Greenberg will demonstrate how drawings can help you iron out your concepts before spending lots of money on prototypes. Next, James Reid will discuss getting your design animated so that you can work out the details of how it operates.

Please join us Wednesday 7/8/09 at the TBIC meeting and gain some perspective on your invention! For the location map, go to www.tbic.us

Also, don't forget to watch the Fox 13 6pm news broadcast on Monday 7/6/09 when TBIC inventors will be featured in the broadcast!