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January 12, 2009

Welcome 2009 1st TBIC meeting

2009 may be the year of change but some things will stay the same.
To that point we begin the year by talking about turning your innovative product into a successful business. Should you incorporate? Make a business plan? How do you position your self to look for funding? Our first guest of the year will help you figure it all out.
Jim Turner of Turner Consulting will join us on January 14th at 7pm to give you some advice to move you forward. Jim has written over 40 business plans, helped launch several start-up companies and knows the names and faces of several funding companies. He has been a pioneer of emerging technology and has the arrows to prove it. Jim will talk about his successes and failures and give you the take-away points to learn from the experience.
I hope you will all come to our 1st meeting of the year and get your innovation on the right track!